Community members are empowered with the necessary knowledge to ensure food security through ecologically friendly sustainable methodologies.

Through our ongoing interventions, the availability of organic, nutritious food has increased for community beneficiaries with the production of healthy, locally-grown vegetables. Naturally grown food gardens using permaculture design methodologies form the backbone of Ekukhanyeni, providing life sustaining nourishment and food security to the community members, as well as a means through which they can learn to grow their own food and earn a living.

Coupled with our accredited training and post-training mentorship, the creation of food gardens as the primary means of providing food and nutrition security to our beneficiaries has had an enormous impact on the community we serve. Beneficiaries can now see how urban small-scale farming is an effective way to improve one’s socio-economic and health status.

The impact of our AgriSETA accredited agricultural training in our geographical impact and further afield continues to broaden and our network of community growers and food gardens continues to increase in number and size to include ECD Centers, households, Schools, local NGOs and CBOs and larger agricultural cooperatives.

children have benefited from our naturally grown Food Gardens
adults reached with skills development training