Ekukhanyeni gives back to people the most ancient skill of living in harmony with the earth to feed oneself, family and community from its abundance…Barren earth is transformed into gardens that can feed and heal.

As a Public Benefit NGO, we work from within marginalised communities to build resilience to a multitude of social challenges including food and nutrition insecurity. Ekukhanyeni has been revitalising impoverished communities by reintroducing low-cost, sustainable urban agriculture through permaculture methodologies.

Accredited and innovative agricultural, health & nutrition and agri-business training is offered to improve household and community food security, support healthier eating and lifestyle choices and promote sustainable livelihoods.

Community-based Training Facilitators are certified to provide the training and mentorship support for community members to develop and sustain food gardens and small-scale farms.

Local food gardeners are also employed and upskilled to support productive food gardens to feed and nourish our children at Ekukhanyeni’s beneficiary Early Childhood Development Centers in the informal settlement of Lawley.