Blending fun with learning to promote sustainable farming practices and tackle resource scarcity in South Africa

This workshop consists of four half-days during where learners play an interactive board game that simulates the design, set-up and management of a farm according to ecological principles. The game allows learners to experiment with designs and get feedback from the farm ecosystem as their designs respond to seasonal cycles and environmental crises.

What can players learn?

Learners explore how to:

  • Read and respond to different landscapes
  • Assemble different farm elements into a coherent production system
  • Manage complex production systems
  • Allocate resources and develop farm assets
  • Manage water, biomass, work and finances
  • Develop resilience to climate change and environmental shocks
  • Deal with seasonal cycles
  • Make group decisions about the allocation and management of finances and labour
  • Project production needs and record outputs

Who should participate?

Basic knowledge of agro-ecology and permaculture design is useful but not essential. The training is useful for anyone interested in learning to manage a farm according to agro-ecological principles but is especially useful for:

  • Members of farming co-operatives or associations
  • Farmers planning conversion to organic, conservation or climate-smart agriculture
  • Agricultural extension officers
  • NGO workers promoting permaculture, organic farming, or conservation agriculture

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