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Identify & Explain Permaculture Principles

Unit Standard ID: 116150
NQF Level 1

Our 12-day AgriSETA accredited short skills course in Permaculture Design is geared towards shifting perceptions around food, expanding awareness, and empowering participants with practical skills to establish and maintain their own food gardens, to grow in ecologically friendly and sustainable ways and to make healthier eating choices.

Who should participate?

Basic knowledge of agriculture and permaculture is useful but not essential. The training is useful for anyone interested in growing organic food for themselves, friends, families and communities:

  • Household members
  • Members of farming co-operatives or associations
  • Farmers planning conversion to organic, conservation or climate-smart agriculture
  • NGO workers promoting permaculture, organic farming, or conservation agriculture
  • Early Childhood Development Center practitioners looking to provide a sustainable and healthy eating choice for the children in their care
  • School Educators interested in providing a sustainable and healthy eating choice for their learners

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