Enabling food sustainability and financial well-being through self-empowerment, agricultural knowledge and business acumen

Training and post-training mentorship in agri-business is offered to capacitate community growers to turn their food gardens into viable agricultural businesses built upon serving their community clients to achieve livelihoods.

A uniquely designed package is delivered that offers intensive and accredited training in agriculture and entrepreneurial skills, as well as on-site agri-business coaching to assist food garden entrepreneurs in starting and growing sustainable food garden operations.

The model provides for an experiential learning approach that creates an opportunity for beneficiaries to engage and apply training theory through practical experience, while simultaneously learning how to sustain their food gardens and to navigate around their new agri-business environment to create an income.

Who should participate?

  • Household members
  • Members of farming co-operatives
  • NGOs, CBOs, Schools and ECD Center members