Nurturing Children for Tomorrow

Ekukhanyeni is a not-for-profit organisation that provides quality education through early learning and skills development to create thriving communities.

Early Learning

Uplifting the hearts and minds of our little learners with the provision of Grade R and Grade RR classes at ECD Centres.

Community Gardens

Supporting the establishment of naturally grown Food and Market Gardens at community households, ECD Centers & Schools.

Agri Services

Offering Agri-Project Development, Skills Development & Training and Coaching services country-wide.

Our Philosophy

  • Love, Service and Compassion
  • Partnership Ethos with Local Communities
  • Promotion of Community Mobilisation to Drive Activities
  • Holistic & Sustainable methodologies that care for the people and the earth
  • Empowering both minds and hearts to help mould thriving individuals
  • Use and Value Diversity