5549 children aged 4-6 years have been educated through our Early Learning classes 3091 Grade R and 2458 Grade 00

At Ekukhanyeni, we get to experience first-hand the difference that love, education and nutrition makes in children’s lives, and how it shapes the people they grow up to be. The impact that our Early Childhood Development (ECD) and nutrition initiatives make is far reaching and continuously expanding.

Our ECD initiatives are operational in the informal settlement of Lawley, south of Johannesburg where our ECD Centers offer the only formalised education in this majorly under-resourced community.

Early LearningECD TrainingNutritional SupportECD Center Support

Early Learning

1050 children aged 0-6 years are taken up in 16 ECD Centers. Of these 550 children aed 4-6 years will be educated and 90 adult women pr year upskilled. 100% Black as defined under B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice

Early Learning classes aim to provide the best education for our little ones and help them to build sustainable futures both from an academic and personal point of view. We aim to arm our little learners with the skills and attributes that will help them to build a sustainable future and approach life with inner strength, focus and resilience, thereby realising their full potential.

Grade R and Grade 00 classes are delivered by our dedicated and passionate caregivers at the ECD Centres who receive weekly coaching sessions by our ECD Team to ensure that the level of education being transferred to the little ones is up to par with the recommended standards and that these caregivers are emotionally equipped to nurture strong hearts and minds.

Each year on average 550 children
are educated through these classes

Grade R classes launched in 2007 and Grade 00 classes in 2012 are offered at our 16 partnered ECD Centres by the caregivers who are capacitated and upskilled through the organisation’s training sessions. Both curricula were designed by the organisation with activities and homework unique to the informal settlement environment, but aligned with the National Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) for Grade R and the National Early Learning and Development Standards For Children, NELDS for Grade 00.

Each year, on average, 550 children are educated through these classes and is the only form of education that the children have received and are receiving in this community.

These early learning initiatives aim to ensure that the children develop to their full potential and achieve their school readiness and preparedness for their formal Grade 1 schooling.

The adult caregiver training component facilitates the all-round development of the children in a manner that is sensitive to culture and individual needs. Each caregiver carries out her role under the guidance and mentorship of the organisation’s community-based ECD Team of qualified ECD Practitioners and Training Facilitators. The classes run from January to the first week of December each year and follow government school terms.

  • Ensuring quality Early Education for children 4-6 years through early learning classes
  • Grade R
  • Grade 00
  • Nutrition Support

ECD Training

  • Training and mentorship is offered to empower ECD Centre Principals and caregivers to provide early education and care to children in the ECD Centres
  • Accredited training with the ETDP SETA for ECD Level 4
  • Coaching & Mentorship

Nutritional Support

  • Meal provision
  • Establishment of naturally grown food gardens

ECD Center Support

  • Partnering with majorly underdeveloped fledgling ECD Sites to create safe & loving havens
  • Facilitating ECD Centre registration with relevant government authorities
  • Building institutional capacity of the ECD Centres in the areas of governance and financial management