Ekukhanyeni can contribute to the scorecard of corporate SA under the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Codes of Good Practice as a Level 1 contributor and an Exempt Micro-enterprise with 100% black beneficiary base.

Ekukhanyeni can guarantee valuable B-BBEE points for companies’ scorecards under the following elements:

Element: Socio-Economic Development

  • Grade R & RR Early Learning Classes (stationery, educational and teaching aids)
  • Skills Development for ECD Centre Operators and ECD Practitioners (non-accredited)
  • ECD Centre Development (structural upgrades & equipment)
  • Food Garden Establishment (plant material, infrastructure, tools and equipment)
  • Agriculture and nutrition training (non-accredited)
  • Relief Initiatives

Element: Skills Development

  • Accredited ETDP SETA Early Childhood Development Level 4 training
  • Accredited AgriSETA agricultural (Permaculture Design) and Agri-Business Level 1 training.

Tax Offerings & 18A Certificate

Socio-Economic Development contributions made to Ekukhanyeni are tax-deductible, for which we provide a Section 18A certificate. This can be claimed against your annual tax return.